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Getting creative about email list building

Email Lists: geting it right

Spam is said to cost the global economy arround $8 billion per year. Professional email marketing must avoid spam.

There are several ways of building your company's email list or database and the most obvious is to start with your pressent client list. It is often far easier to sell more to your pressent clients than it is to add more clients.

Once you have gotten that sorted the next step is to get creative.

Getting email lists from professional organisations

This can be a little trickey but members of professional organisationsor clubs will often access to the full membership list of that organisation. Along with all the added benefiots associated with this group you now also have a large new list to work from.

Use the internet to assist you in finding these associations, using Google I was able to track down 242 000 webpages where the term "travel association" was used. Using inverted comas as I have makes sure that the search engine returns only results where the words accure nexto one another.

Scouring the web for targeted emails

This is one of the best and also most dificult ways to create targeted email lists. ActionMail provides a service where we combine technology with manual checking methods to find targeted email addresses. We scour search engines, websites and online catalogs to find the right people for you to do business with.

You let us know what the typical business would look like that you wish to do business with and we will track them down for you. Our fees vary according to the nature of the list that you require but we are able to create targeted email lists at between R1 and R5 per email address collected.

Using text documents containing email addresses

If you have a Word document or any other text document contianing many email addresses you can use our email extractor to extract the emai addresses for you. Often catalogs or company directories contain email addresess that are specific to your line of business and you can utilise them in your marketing campaign.

To try out our online email extractor simply copy the text from your document or website and paste it into our extractor. The extractor will then extract the email addresses, eliminate duplicates and sort them alphebetiacly for you. Try out our Free Online Email Extractor.

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