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Email Delivery Statistics

Email Software, what ActionMail has to offer

As with all marketing and advertising, stats and measureability alow for long-term success

Ease of use along with a huge list of professional features make ActionMail your first choice in online email marketing software. Everything runs from our webserver so you don't need to be online while your campiagn runs and you don't need to purchase any other email marketing software.

A quick list of ActionMail email software features:

  • Send any type of email (HTML, plain, etc.)
  • Send personalized emails
  • Create unlimited custom fields for members
  • Advanced import / export features
  • Advanced campaign tracking features
  • Bounce detection and handling
  • Detailed campaign reporting with charts
  • Unlimited follow-up auto responders
Email Delivery Stats
email software stats
Brief email delivery stats, full detials are also available

Detialed email software features

  • Send personalized emails
    Run personalized email campaigns which will increase your campaign success 300%
  • Send in any email format
    Send any type of emails such as HTML, plain, multipart emails with unlimited attachments
  • Create public archives
    Provide your already sent campaigns as a list on your website to your visitors and members with unlimited archiving options
  • Publish public RSS feeds
    Provide your already sent campaigns as RSS feed to your visitors
  • Manage extra member fields
    Create unlimited extra member fields for collecting additional information such as name, country, age
  • Run powerful targeted email marketing
    Send your email campaigns to your mail lists based on unlimited send rules which include created extra custom fields
  • Send follow-up auto responders
    Create unlimited follow-up auto responders for your mail lists and increase your sales!
  • Request double opt-in and out
    You can set your mail lists for double opt-in/out confirmation
  • Member data outsourcing
    Instead of importing your data, you can let ActionMail connect your third party MySQL database for member list
  • Ban or black list members
    You can let ActionMail to ban or black list members based on unsubscription conditions
  • Handle bounced members
    You can let ActionMail to handle your bounced members. This will make your mail lists clean and up to date
  • Import and export members
    ActionMail lets you to import from and export to several sources such as comma-delimited files (CSV - Excel), XML, MySQL databases, etc.
  • Create campaigns on the fly!
    You can create your campaigns easily with step-by-step phases
  • Schedule campaigns
    Set your campaigns to be sent automatically on the defined dates. You can set ActionMail to send recursively such as "Every Friday".
  • Set different sender information
    You can set different sender information (from, reply-to, return path) for each campaign
  • Advanced campaign tracking
    Track your campaigns real time with ActionMail's advanced tracking and snapshot features
  • Track email opens, link clicks, ratings, forwards, much more!
    ActionMail lets you to track all activity about your campaigns such as email opens, link clicks, ratings, forwards, unsubscriptions, bounced members, etc.
  • Create advanced newsletter templates
    You can create both traditional newsletters as well as CMS (Content Management System) based newsletter templates.
  • Let your campaign owner to track results
    If you are sending a newsletter for one of your customers, you can create a client login account and let your client to track their own campaign statistics real time!
  • Generate detailed reports
    You can examine bounce detection statistics, campaign performance comparisons, member statistics, member activity charts, etc. with ActionMail's advanced reporting system

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